Links Saturday

Links SaturdayThe good mojo osmosisizer I had previously constructed must have got too much O3 and splitted and plurged to destruction this week. Every attempt at my card house fluttered to a flat stack. So it goes, those that learn, I suppose…

Linux General

Wow, this surprised me. My ala mater browser is making a dramatic change this week, a move that fits more into the Gnome development cycle

Better than you know (shh, awake giant).

Support Open Source and sign the No OOXML petittion. NOOOWWW! :)

Linux History

I got caught up in some Linux history this week. I always think these guys are geniuses as they had literally no docs to work from and very little web in 1992 when Linux was started.

Micro of Mono, a flamefest that started it all, the great kernel debate begins.

Linus recapitulates the first year of the kernel.

Linux Assorted

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2 comments on “Links Saturday

  1. Nice catch, that Consolas font install method. Of course if you own Vista, you can copy the fonts over from that install into your Linux system. I have to give it to them, Microsoft actually does a good job on the fonts they make.

  2. They certainly do. I’m unsure how corefonts got to Linux whether they are a port or not but I don’t think the scale is flat, these are otherwise though. Also too is Cadara.

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