Advanced Urban Terror Setup

Update: 4.2 Release changes added

One of the greatest games I’ve ever played is Urban Terror. Urban Terror takes Quake 3 and transforms it to near perfection (in my opinion). Urban Terror is one of the the most successful open source, free-to-play, games of all time. The amount of time to play it, learn it, master it, is a great pleasure. This guide will show how to optimize and setup Urban Terror for best performance and usability.

Urban Terror is based on the Quake 3 engine that was released by id software in 2005. Since then it has been edited, refined, fixed, and added to under the name of the ioquake engine. The ioquake team has done an awesome job of keeping the engine up to date and running well as well as adding 64bit support, ogg support, in engine VOIP support… The current version of Urban Terror is 4.2 and you should be able to find it in the repositories for your distribution.

Keyboard Layout

Though the default layout of Urban Terror keybindings can be gotten by with, advanced users know that having to take the hands off the default keyboard positions too many times means trouble. In a game were milliseconds count this best be avoided. Keeping grouping of commonly used keys close to your left hand is good practice. This keyboard layout groups commonly used functions but is generic and should work well for any game type. However, since I find myself playing capture the flag most of the time, the automated chat (radio commands) are for CTF (the radio commands are easy enough to change in the configuration below):


id software really knows how to make a game engine, the capabilities and options in the engine seem nearly unlimited. I’ve gone through and discovered the most important values to set on Urban Terror.

The configuration files are stored in ~/.q3a/q3ut4/. For automatic configuration inheriting, Urban Terror will look for a file called autoexec.cfg here. Instead of going over all the settings that can be done, I’ll just provide the configuration file which has comments on all the settings.

Testing edits to the configuration can be done within the games’ console. Pressing the tilda key (`) will bring it up. First thing I do is change r_mode to 4 and turn full screen off to be able to reach the configuration in the text editor:

r_mode 4
r_fullscreen 0

Changes in the console will not make changes to autoexec.cfg. Testing settings can be typed directly in the console or make the edit to the configuration and type (to reload it):

exec autoexec.cfg

If there are errors in the configuration file they will be displayed after typing this.

Configuration file below will need a quick go-ever before using but is mostly good. Edits needed will likely be r_custom, cg_selectedPlayerName, mouse sensitivity and maybe a few others. Forgive the syntax highlighting below, github does not correctly recognize id config files, Yeesh.

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  1. ESDF… yeah, just seems natural now. My hand seems to only know the position it’s in if it touches that nice little bump on the f key… lol, only sheep use WASD.

  2. “only sheep use WASD”

    Not so: I deliberately switched from ESDF to WASD for the easier pinky access to CTRL and easier thumb access to ALT.

  3. who's ya daddy?

    I use EWRD. My index and ring finger to flank left and right using the W,R keys. Feels more natural. Plus they can quickly hit the number row for quick weap selection in case the mouse wheel takes too long to scroll through.

    • Huh, at first thought I thought that was a bit eclectic, but after thinking about that I kinda like the thought of that. Only thing would be, of how the running would be done?

  4. Eh dude.. It’s not open source!

  5. Right you are, Thomas. For some reason I was thinking that Id released it as such. Post fixed.

  6. How do you get into you config file i carnt find it lol :(

  7. who's ya daddy?

    Response to one of the April comments and 4 any1 else: locating config file–>urban terror folder–>q3ut4 folder–>q3config.cfg file

  8. Great :Ohhh almost forgot, I wrote these comments from my BRAND new iPod !!!

    Of course you wouldn’t understand you use a mac

  9. I’m using Debian and I don’t understand… I downloaded the newest one which is one single file… no configs… Just multiple files for each architecture i guess. Anyways so do I create the configs?

  10. kthxbai2u :

    I’m using Debian and I don’t understand… I downloaded the newest one which is one single file… no configs… Just multiple files for each architecture i guess. Anyways so do I create the configs?

    Sorry kthxbai2u, I’m not sure I understand. When you say you download the newest, do you mean Urban Terror? If you do, after you play and set things up the first time, UT will create the configs. In the post I document what they are. Supposing you are new to Linux, you should take a little time and learn the command line. This would help you out here greatly.

  11. Good evening all !
    May be I’m wrong by throwing my question there, but I try anyway… Is there someone who knows why my keyboard layout changes of country randomly every time I log into a map of UrT ? I am running UrT on a mac book air…. May be this explains that ? How can I fix this then ? I’ve tried to type /exec auto exec.cfg under console with the good key assignments, and this works, but the kb country config doesn’t seems to be the same every time… (I have got swiss french kb layout usually, and it is the only one configured onto my system) Any suggestion ? Thanx in advance !

  12. >Gaming on PC
    >turns mouse filter on

    God damnit. Otherwise, an okay config.

  13. Oh, yeah, and how the HELL do you play at 13 sensitivity? Is your mouse dpi set to 100 or something? Jesus.

  14. Reblogged this on todd partridge and commented:

    Updated for 4.2 Release

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