I am hobbyist of Linux, having thousands of people talk about and contribute to a project is exciting to me. I hope that what I am given I can add to; I am trying to become a better person and a writer . Would enjoy hearing any opinions and comments, please be free to ask them.

Thanks for reading Linux Tidbits.


  • Thanks to people whose pictures I’ve used on this blog that are under the creative commons free license, most of these images are from the great Open Clip Art Library

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7 comments on “About

  1. Hi,
    I think your site is awesome. I see you hope to improve your writing, so I won’t pick at your little errors, but I think it’s a shame to spoil your tagline “Every Letter has it’s place” with one. The word “it’s” should be spelled “its”. Also I don’t understand why “Letter” has a capital letter and the other words don’t. I think it should be “Every Letter Has Its Place” or “Every letter has its place”. By the way, what do you mean by that phrase?
    Keep it up!

  2. Lol, thank David hadn’t thought too much of the grammar of it :). The tag-line is meant to be aloof, light. As for the meaning of the phrase, it’s meant to imbue the culture of Linux: working with configs, writing your own scripts. As for the it’s, thats my bad, gonna fix :D.

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. You can see a sample of my work at LaptopComputers.org under the author James Mowery. I’ve also written for several high-profile blogs like Mashable, Perfromancing, and CMSWire. Thank you for your time.

    – James

  4. David :
    I think it should be “Every Letter Has Its Place” or “Every letter has its place”. By the way, what do you mean by that phrase?
    Keep it up!

    Take a closer look at the logo of the site… is that a letter? Does it have its place?

  5. Hi David,
    Very nice blog, but could I ask you to post about how did you colorized your prompt and your overall terminal ? Thank you :)

  6. sorry i ment Todd not you Dave :)

  7. Oop, thanks for waiting been busy. Ok, fixed tag line, hadn’t really thought of it before :). Muhammad to colorize your prompt here is a good guide:


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