For the truly paranoid

I’ve been reinstalling my system as of late (been way too along a comin’) and I realized that I hadn’t set up a firewall yet. This, in turn, had me think how many ports were open. I was up too late and probably had too many cokes by then. I had given myself a dead […]

Advanced Urban Terror Setup

Update: 4.2 Release changes added One of the greatest games I’ve ever played is Urban Terror. Urban Terror takes Quake 3 and transforms it to near perfection (in my opinion). Urban Terror is one of the the most successful open source, free-to-play, games of all time. The amount of time to play it, learn it, […]

HTML Entities from the Command Line

While doing HTML work I tend to do my work with text editors. For this, I use Arachnophilia a Java HTML editor with easy, editable, customizable tags (Review here). Arachnophilia has support to convert characters to HTML entities but isn’t easy to get to (HTML > More Functions > Char to Entity. There are various […]

movietime – Stop Powersaving to Watch a Movie

Getting down to watching you favorite movie on your computer? Start the movie, sit down, grab your snack and ten or so minutes later the screen goes blank. This happens in Linux because the desktop has built-in defaults for display power management (DPMS) and screensaving. Timeout settings can vary from distribution to distribution but they […]

Improve flash performance (a bit, maybe)

I’ve been struggling with flash quite a bit. I like to watch flash videos online because the time I’m able to get to them are usually at odd times of the day. The issue with flash (I’m using the 64bit alpha but think this effects other versions too) is that higher definition flash can often […]

Apple Trailers Fix

As some of you may have found out or read about, Apple trailer downloads for Linux are currently broken. Apple has implemented a Quicktime user agent check prior to downloading. Personally I agree with the decision because Apple is concerned about the quality of reproduction (though Apple trailers still play with an odd hue on […]

Installing Perl Modules Manually

If you do Perl programming or if a program you have needs a perl module, you could download and compile it manually but the easier way would be to use CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). CPAN First thing you should do is see if your distribution has it in it’s packages repository so that […]


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