Improve flash performance (a bit, maybe)

I’ve been struggling with flash quite a bit. I like to watch flash videos online because the time I’m able to get to them are usually at odd times of the day. The issue with flash (I’m using the 64bit alpha but think this effects other versions too) is that higher definition flash can often […]

Apple Trailers Fix

As some of you may have found out or read about, Apple trailer downloads for Linux are currently broken. Apple has implemented a Quicktime user agent check prior to downloading. Personally I agree with the decision because Apple is concerned about the quality of reproduction (though Apple trailers still play with an odd hue on […]

Installing Perl Modules Manually

If you do Perl programming or if a program you have needs a perl module, you could download and compile it manually but the easier way would be to use CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). CPAN First thing you should do is see if your distribution has it in it’s packages repository so that […]

Kmix Gets Support for OSSv4

Up until now, KDE 4 users have had to use OSSv4 own sound mixer (ossxmix) to change volumes levels while within KDE. Recently though preliminary support for OSSv4 has been built into kmix. Testing The Open Source Sound system is a sound system for *nix operating systems built on the original OSS format. A number […]

A Better Link

Update: This script has been updated, look at it, here.

Dedicated Home Partition

Intro How to use the same home partition for reinstalling a distro or using a new distro but wanting to use the same home partition (i.e. preferences, Documents…) Before Installing Find the user and group id’s (uid and gid) on your current distro before reinstalling/adding new distro and write them down: id And the username […]

Desktop Yank

Every now and then I get the urge to put up my desktop, so here it is. Not much different (like the kcheckgmail and ktorrent thing). Haven’t got to updating to 4.3 yet because I’m going to have to do a full reinstall soon (don’t really need RTM anyhow). I got a computer that didn’t […]

Week of bash scripts – rps and commentstrip

These two scripts will respectively: find if a program is running, and strip-comments from text files. The first is useful if you need to see if the program is running or if you need to kill the process with it’s id, comment strip is a good tool to use if posting configurations on forums as […]

Week of bash scripts – grok and cdf

These two scripts are two different find commands. The first (grok) will list all files in a directory recursively that contain a matched string; the second will locate a file/folder and the change to it’s directory. Neither of these are mine (though slightly edited), I’ve gotten them from the Arch forums where they have a […]

Week of bash scripts – newx and bgcmd

Here are two scripts: one, that helps improve gaming performance, and the other to free up the terminal. I’ve talked about the later before, but I got a new trick up my sleeve. However, before I go any further, I’d like to point out how to use bash scripts so that they are easily accessible, […]

A week of bash scripts – Pack

Hello blogweb, this week I’ll be posting some of my bash scripts that I use on a regular basis. To begin: Pack I tend to do quite a bit of compressing files for uploading and I cannot always seem to remember the options and order of those options that tar needs. So I built a […]


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