Firefox tuneup

When I configure Firefox these are the settings that make my Firefox experience better. Preference edits in order of most important top to bottom. Preferences Note: These edits are done in the configuration page (typing about:config in a new tab/window). Save previous session (the “Show my windows and tabs from last time option”): 3 […]

Vi(m) Reference Card

I use the Vi Reference Card all the time but I seem to have lost my copy and since my printer is broke I decided to make an html version of it: Vi(m) Reference Card

Portage Management and the propensity to being lazay – plus updates

Got an oppurtunity to build Gentoo again on my server and this led to me building a new portage management script. Since I was at it I decided to update my Gentoo Quick Install and Clamshell iBook guides. The portage management script can be found on the Gentoo Linux Tidbits page. Enjoy!

Backup Configurations with tar Helpers

Update: This article has been supplanted by The Beauty of rsync and Backup Script. When I have to do a reinstall, sometimes I have to install from scratch – doing a clean install is just sometimes necessary. My configurations are priceless to me and after my reinstall I restore them from a backup copy. Here’s […]

A Beginners Setup to Quake Wars

If you are just getting into Quake Wars, has a Strogg just thrown a grenade in your area and then quickly pulled out his Lacerator jumping around the corner to finish you off, all before you could say, “What the…”? Welcome to Quake Wars. Quake Wars has been around for a couple years and has […]

Restore Settings on a Broken Firefox

Update: 09-29-11 – Using script to automate process, see end of post. When people have a issue with Firefox I’ve seen many people will resort to deleting their old profile (or folder) and creating a new one. This works but doing this will get rid of any passwords, history, bookmarks… therein. Having used Firefox quite […]

Keyboard Template

I needed a keyboard template and I couldn’t find any so I made one (uh kinda). The outline was made by aphasia100stock: Notes Converted from .ai format to .svg. Removed inner borders. Added Letters, Numbers, Symbols. Added guidelines to be able to reference keys. Requires Ubuntu font. Thanks aphasia100stock for the outline. Free to use […]

Customizable LiveUSB

If you ever have an emergency and need a rescue disk to recover your Linux install, or maybe you just want to brag to your friends there’s some good LiveCD/USB’s out there and many distro’s now make LiveUSB install images, but it is also possible to create your own customizable LiveUSB. Hey, if you’re willing […]

Testdrive a LiveCD with VirtualBox

Results will vary depending on your machine but it may be quicker to burn and reboot to testdrive a LiveCD. If you want to try VirtualBox though, this is how you do it. I decided to take a look at Fedora 11 and I thought that if I wanted to take a look at other […]

Kcheckgmail Gets in the KDE 4 Door

There are several programs to get mail notifications in the notification tray in KDE 4 but up until now there have been no native KDE ones: cgmail, and gnubiff rely alot on Gnome. There is the emailnotify plasmoid which isn’t too shabby but I wanted my notifications in the notification area! Popular KDE 3 applications […]

Upgrading Your Video Card – Part 2

Continued from Part 1. Now that you got your card and PSU there’s couple more things to know. Linux Drivers It’s best to add your new video card drivers before you shut down so your new card will just boot up to the deskotp. Remove your old driver and install the new. Don’t try to […]


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