Upgrading Your Video Card

I’ve been using my built-in nvideo 7050 video card for a while now and for a built-in card it’s pretty good. I get decent compositing and Urban Terror plays around 30 frames per second but I’ve come to realize that I just want to be able to do more: play better games, watch HD video… […]

Webkit browsers on their way to Linux but not there yet

Firefox really shocked up the browser wars when it released version 3.0. The more I use it the more I realize what a great browser it is. When Firefox first released 3.0 it was full-steam ahead. Soon we heard about a new javascript engine and it seemed like 3.1 would be just on the horizon. […]

Desktop… Phht

I don’t post screenshots usually because they just don’t get my attention. If i’m able to get things done then it doesn’t matter if i’m with AIG or on Gilligan’s Island. On my desktop, I don’t have fancy spinning-cubes, fire-drawing cursors, or wallpapers that leave a negative image floating on the back of my retina. […]

MPlayer with DVDs

Update: 2012-08-21 – Because of MPlayer still having trouble playing DVDs, I’ve since moved to using cVLC. There are plenty of movie players for Linux but my all time favorite is MPlayer. Not only is MPlayer quick and responsive but it can play almost anything. I’ve used MPlayer before but I realized that my movies […]

Customize man page colors with ‘less’ definitions

Man pages by default use less for displaying. I’ve used vim before to for colored text in man pages but something got bjorked in an update. To have color with man pages termcap will need to be invoked. Thanks to nico for the tip. All that needs to be done is to export bold and […]

The Great KDE Font Mystery

I just installed KDE 4.2 a couple days ago with everything running great but when I went to change the panel font today I noticed that the fonts to choose from were beginning to blur. This wasn’t like this a couple days ago. Then I started up Firefox and the fonts were really blurry, like […]

Package World for Reinstall

In you would like to rid the cruft on your system, or if you system has a virus (unlikely) or even if you want to install the system again at a later day a good way to do this is to package all your installed emerges. This can be done with a slightly-modified version of […]

Kernel 2.6.28 Notes and Upgrade to Ext4

Normally you don’t update the kernel at every release unless hardware doesn’t work as expected or you really need the slight performance enhancements you may get from new kernel technologies. But… if you have a new module you need to add you may as-well. A great site that posts about kernel upgrades is kernel newbies, […]

Installing OpenBSD 4.4

Following the ‘not enough time on my hands’ FreeBSD dive with a Power Mac, I decided to continue on BSD tourbus to OpenBSD. A good friend recommended it to me in the middle of my FreeBSD install and I’d of like to heard about it alot sooner. OpenBSD turned out to be a really great […]

FreeBSD 7.1 Install on a PowerPC

I had tried FreeBSD on an x86 machine about eight years ago and really liked it: good install, nice tools, excellent documentation. FreeBSD is the glitter of the BSD’s for it’s x86 centrality. So when I heard that FreeBSD was available for PowerPC’s I decided right away to try. Ok, it’s been a couple years, […]

Reviving a Power Mac G4 with Ubuntu Server

I had been considering building my own server for a home network and decided to buy an old garage Power Mac G4 400. This is a good computer and will work great as a server definitely so I decided to install Ubuntu Server on it. I’m a Gentoo user normally but being the adventure that […]


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