Keyboard Template

I needed a keyboard template and I couldn’t find any so I made one (uh kinda). The outline was made by aphasia100stock: Notes Converted from .ai format to .svg. Removed inner borders. Added Letters, Numbers, Symbols. Added guidelines to be able to reference keys. Requires Ubuntu font. Thanks aphasia100stock for the outline. Free to use […]

my current Desktop

Following Nikos’ query here is my current desktop: Lightweight Gnome running Thunar.

Creating Quality Web Sized PNGs with ImageMagick

Note: This is a post with me messing around with ImageMagick and it’s good food for thought, however as a reader pointed out I accidentally started with a lossy image and turned it to a lossless image which was a mistake on my part. I recently posted The Battle for Wesnoth – 1.4 picture review, […]

RSS Icon

Decided to play with vectors last night I tugged and pulled a good many handles and came up with a this. I needed an rss icon so why not? Just like all the others but vec-tor-ized. Made in inkscape (gawd that program is fun). Please be free to use it if ya like.

Linux Design – Calibrate the Display

Many people who have worked in the professional graphics department in either Mac or Windows have learned that a calibrated display is a valuble tool in creative design. Macs have a manual display calibrator built into OS X that is pretty darn good. It allows the users to adjust color balance in varying gray scale […]

Command Line – Converting SVG’s

Doh! A couple days ago I mentioned that I’d be writing about converting svg’s from the command line… yesterday. This porous gooey noodle at times steers adrift however and the pen forgot about the partchment. Thankfully though I awoke today and the replacement that at times gets loaned to me recalled. :) Previously, I had […]


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