Acer Aspire 5560G-7809 Laptop: A Gamble Worth Taking

Typically it hasn’t been recommended to buy an Acer, at least in my circles. From the surveys I’ve seen generally Acer rankings are last of the major computer manufacturers. Astonishingly they rank close to the top of units sold. When I saw this, I deduced that Acer likely made possibly shabby computers sold at basement-prices […]

Advanced Urban Terror Setup

Update: 4.2 Release changes added One of the greatest games I’ve ever played is Urban Terror. Urban Terror takes Quake 3 and transforms it to near perfection (in my opinion). Urban Terror is one of the the most successful open source, free-to-play, games of all time. The amount of time to play it, learn it, […]

A Beginners Setup to Quake Wars

If you are just getting into Quake Wars, has a Strogg just thrown a grenade in your area and then quickly pulled out his Lacerator jumping around the corner to finish you off, all before you could say, “What the…”? Welcome to Quake Wars. Quake Wars has been around for a couple years and has […]

Wesnoth QC

I regularly get to play Wesnoth which is by far my favorite game for this computer. I have to say technically Wesnoth 1.4 is very well done, but the more I play it the more I’m left with that thought Calvin’s dad jibbed once, “Often the anticipation is better than the acutal event.” So far […]

Upcoming Games – OpenLieroX

I like to try new games, I generally don’t write about them though. I often shuffle through free gamer and game tome on the weekends to see what budding developers are doing. Some of them are pretty cool but few are worth talking about as they are all usually early in development. I was pulled […]

Wesnoth Tick

Warning: Content below contains mini-blogging and ranting. Not for sensitive peeps. I like a good challenge. Often, if I go through something correctly in the first try I consider it not worth my time. Lately I’ve been playing “The Northern Rebirth” an Expert difficulty Wesnoth campaign. Well I’ve spent the last two weeks playing the […]

The Battle for Wesnoth – 1.4 Review

I wrote about gaming in Linux before and left out my favorite all-time best game: Wesnoth. I said that I would write about it so that’s what I’m going to do today. The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based fantasy strategy that has both single player modes and a multiplayer mode. I’ve been playing Wesnoth […]


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