Package World for Reinstall

In you would like to rid the cruft on your system, or if you system has a virus (unlikely) or even if you want to install the system again at a later day a good way to do this is to package all your installed emerges. This can be done with a slightly-modified version of […]

Kernel 2.6.28 Notes and Upgrade to Ext4

Normally you don’t update the kernel at every release unless hardware doesn’t work as expected or you really need the slight performance enhancements you may get from new kernel technologies. But… if you have a new module you need to add you may as-well. A great site that posts about kernel upgrades is kernel newbies, […]

Gentoo Proud

Just about two weeks back, the article “ The Decline of Gentoo Linux” created an rippling avalance of Gentoo scantiness that caromed into an an awkwardly tied Cnet article of Gentoo vs. Ubuntu. Distrowatch Weekly recalled attention to the original article several days later and amplified the lightly trolling post. The past two weeks Gentoo […]

Firefox 3 Quick Review and Setup Guide

After a few library dependency checks and a Firefox beta 5 build later, my update is 1.0 final, six day later and… phew! It’s good though since I haven’t touched my system with an update for six months. Those that are regular viewers of this blog know that I’m a regular Epiphany user. Firefox 2 […]

coreutils and mktemp a dangerous pair

Yikes, road bump. I just got done with my “emerge world” (yes 5 days later [overnights a slow pc]) and did a –depclean. I got hit bad by this block on day two: [blocks B ] sys-apps/mktemp (is blocking sys-apps/coreutils-6.10-r1) [blocks B ] >=sys-apps/coreutils-6.10 (is blocking sys-apps/mktemp-1.5) Unemerging coreutils to let in mktemp was a […]

Gentoo Type A – An Update to Gnome 2.22

Gnome 2.20 is a great desktop, I carefully thought though of just leaving it be. As Ben talked about couple days ago, there comes a day where we question, “Is my current Gnome the last in line?” For those of us with older pc’s we have to think of this. Then I wake up and […]

Links Saturday

Well springs nearly here and most the snow is gone. A record year hear in Wisconsin, we got a lot of snow (100.4 inches). The last week it snowed several inches, I didn’t bother to shovel. Dam stuff can just melt. :) General Linux Big Uncle Dave gave a nice roundup of distros on the […]


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