Should Gentoo Ditch the LiveCD?

Just a quick thought: Should Gentoo ditch the LiveCD? 2007 was a bad year for Gentoo releases only getting one out for the first time in it’s short history. Gentoo 2007.0 tried to be a eight armed monster and supported most known arches, a couple package CDs, a LiveDVD and the Minimal CD. The LiveCD […]

Gentoo – Utilities tmpwatch and flagedit

Gentoo users eventually branch out from the utilites Portage gives to do more advanced tasks, quicker. There are a good number of these utilites in the Portage tree including tmpwatch and flagedit. tmpwatch tmpwatch is just as it sounds and wipes specified directories. Baselayout does have the bootmisc that can wipe /tmp. File:/etc/conf.d/bootmisc WIPE_TMP=”yes” To […]

Links Saturday – Bens Bits and Local DNS

Good weekend everybody. Well, springs almost here and I’m beginning to get ready to go outside and enjoy nature, in the meantime I’ve decided to switch layouts for the blog. There were a couple formatting oddities with Ocean Mist so the Blix layout should be better for CSS formatting. Tell me what you think. I’m […]

Gentoo Linux Tidbits

I’ve been using Gentoo for about two years now and I took notes on managing my box. These are those notes. If you’re interested in installing Gentoo take a look at Gentoo Quick Install. Update: bash script This section is an addition. I’ve since created a bash script that does many of the functions and […]

Links Saturday

Another good week for me. Learned a good deal about programming, and am still learning about regex’s – yeesh, and have been playing Wesnoth alot. All good. Here’s the links I discovered this week. There’s a PPC version of the popular Rescue CD (PPCRCD) that I knew was built from Gentoo apparently the main version […]

Wrote my First Ebuild

And it’s not that good. It works but something is wonky about it. I got lucky and picked out a program that’s small, I got unlucky that the program is a python script and I had to manually put in the pieces by hand. I like the process though. I started the night knowing absolutely […]

Ebuild 2 Overlay

Ebuild2overlay is available. This script comes in nice after grabbing an ebuild (e.g. from bugzilla) and not wanted to go thorough all the commands of putting it in the overlay. Adjust the keyword, and overlay variable to make itwork for you. ebuild2overlay <category> <package.ebuild> v.2 – I’ve added keyword support and fixed a few bugs. […]


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