Links Saturday

Good weekend everybody. Hope everyone is having a good one. It’s been a good week for me, so I’ll wrap up my week Paul Harvey style. Thanks to readers for pointing out this week in that there are a couple other alternates to the Gnome menu bar in GMB Alternates. This is the first time […]

Another Look at Gnome Menu Bar Alternatives

After reading a post yesterday that talked about replacing the Gnome’s built-in menu applet, I began thinking why not try out the replacements for my lead-weighted Gnome Menu Bar. One of the few expectancies I have of Gnome or any other UI is to respond nearly instantly to menu selections, and to have all common […]

Ad-Blocker Not Required – Hosts File

Note: Keep in mind that if the computer being used is pretty quick not a lot of difference is going to be seen blocking advertising. Also keep in mind that some our favorite sites need support from advertising and that news will come in advertising as well. Update: Thanks to Ikem for finding the new […]

Gentoo xterm-256color off by default?

Update: It is advisable not to perform this update. For compatibility purposes with other terminal emulators best to leave this setting to eight bit. I had an intuition that some off the colors in the terminal seemed a bit off. I’m new to this terminal dealie, and aftering discovering that a lot of vim themes […]

LiveUSB on PPC

Wiki doodling! In my vast spare time this weekend I was able to explore the myth of putting a Linux distro on a USB flash drive and being able to boot it – a thought that not many have thought to do – yikes. Jentoo’s own is well done but lacks the Motorolla-IBM flavor. So […]

Gentoo – A Quick User’s Perspective

I don’t usually get involved with politics on this blog, but I’d like to clarify how I think about Daniel Robbins offer to resume leadership of Gentoo, and Gentoo’s reply. Gentoo is a great distribution. Gentoo is now run by developers who in there spare time contribute. This usually and almost always means working on […]

Yahoo as default email client

I’ve had a Yahoo account since Yahoo was best of search engines (yes quite a bit ago) – I still like it. Instead of using my ISP provided email address I’ve just used Yahoo. Yahoo Mail can be used as the default email client instead of using Evolution, Thunderbird… in Gnome. In other words links […]


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