Gentoo’s Binaural Beat

Gentoo’s Binaural Beat – A binaural beat is a combination of two differing frequencies broadcasted through headphones that produced a combined sensation. Ever since I was very very young, I’ve had pain problems in my ears. Years back I discovered that there are frequencies on tones that can have a soothing effect on the ears, […]

Customizing Internet Webpages

I really like sites that take the time to make text viewable. There is zero doubt that content comes first. I’ve know I’ve read enough books where the typing was barely large enough to read. Sites, I think, should generally be designed to allow the users to choose their own font preferences instead forcing a […]

Local DNS for Faster Browsing

By using a Local DNS, previously looked up domain name resolutions are saved on the local computer and therefore don’t require a query to a remote server. Using a local DNS can and does improve lookup times – expecially for busy DNS’s. Local DNS cacher’s can be lightweight (like dnsmasq) and don’t consume alot of […]

Tip: Update

I want to talk about updating in gentoo but first I want to talk about linuxs wikis first. I like perusing wikis. I use gentoo’s linux wiki so often I’m obligated to return what I learn back to it. I also recently discovered the Arch Linux Wiki and check it out every so often. It’s […]

Trying Warsow…

My computer isn’t exactly Micheal Johnson with it comes to 3D effects, the MacBook that I use has the Intel 945GM video chipset which shares memory from main memory. I’ve found some games run quite well: Warzone, Dawinia… anything cutting edge Doom 3, Quake 4… probably won’t. Though I’ve always been a big fan of […]

WineCVS attempt, oh boy.

I play with an older game from time to time that isn’t working too well in wine. So last night I had compiled enough xserver crashes over the last 6 months to try something different. I’ve read of a couple of blogs of users installing WineCVS. So I thought I’d give it a go. The […]


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