External monitor as Discrete

I use my laptop primarly at home with an external monitor as discrete, meaning that I have the laptop monitor turned off and I only use it. At times this is also called a dedicated monitor. GNOME can be set to disable the laptop monitor and enable the external but it wasn’t able to hotplug […]

GNOME 3 Setup

I’d been fortunate lately to have time to work on my GNOME 3 setup and I got it working and looking pretty good; so… I thought I’d share it from beginning to end. GNOME 3 is shaping up real nice and with the extension support provides great customibility. There’s still a little work that needs […]

Gmail Icons

Warning: I got the base design from a Google+ website. I’m not sure if these are tradmarked logos and if Google in that case if they will have a problem with them. If they do, they will be removed. I was hoping to use this for a Gmail notification icon but it didn’t turn out […]

gedit to Geany

I’ve decided lately to switch from gedit to Geany as the default editor. I had done this before and really liked it (I didn’t want to set it up again because I didn’t remember all the settings I had changed). Geany is more religious how it handles text and I can’t really define it better […]

Firefox 3 Quick Review and Setup Guide

After a few library dependency checks and a Firefox beta 5 build later, my update is 1.0 final, six day later and… phew! It’s good though since I haven’t touched my system with an update for six months. Those that are regular viewers of this blog know that I’m a regular Epiphany user. Firefox 2 […]

Using Feh as the Default Picture Browser

I schmoozed yesterday about Feh being a very proficient picture browser for a lightweight desktop. Feh though is twiggy and needs some lovin’ to work well on the desktop. Feh’s functions are used from the command line, there is no desktop entry for it. Feh can be specified as the default browser in the typical […]

Gnome to abandon GTK+ framework for QT

Note: The following is an April Fool’s day joke and as some people pointed out – a bad one :) . Don’t break your headband or get mad at your grandparents. Gnome announced today it it will be abandoning it’s application framework GTK+ in favor of QT, sources inside Gnome say. “The incredible reliability and […]


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