The Best Lightweight Browser

I just went through and reinstalling my system from a computer I hadn’t updated for a year and a half. For everything I needed, Gnome 2.22 and Firefox 3.0 did just fine. The computer is an iBook 300MHz that can use all the umphh it can get. Though it worked alright for a long time, […]

Lightweight Linux – Review of Picture Browsers

A vital part of my system is my picture browser. I use it browse the images I put on the website, to review images I’ve created with GIMP, to scan wallpapers, and to look at pictures I’ve took. Originally I was going to call this “Review of Picture Browsers” but I realized on my system […]

Upcoming Games – OpenLieroX

I like to try new games, I generally don’t write about them though. I often shuffle through free gamer and game tome on the weekends to see what budding developers are doing. Some of them are pretty cool but few are worth talking about as they are all usually early in development. I was pulled […]


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