Vim: Customize Installed Colorschemes

Disclaimer: This is a guide of how to override an already installed colorscheme’s highlighting. Though I’m not an expert on creating Vim colorschemes, I do know a few things. These are a few tips that can help. Reasoning If wanting to try an alteration to a Vim colorscheme it’s usually nice to work with the […]

Partition base number order restoration (sda2 > sda1)

I decided to remove Windows. It was at the beginning of my hard drive, so I deleted the first partition, then I extended the second partition down to the beginning of the hard drive. I assumed that doing this operation (the second partition becomming the first, and it being moved the beginning of the drive) […]

rback – a generic, local, rsync-based, backup and restore script

Description rback is a generic backup and restore script. rback wraps common functions of rsync to aggregate backup necessities. rback defines: The copy options. 2. The source and destination directories. 3. The file, folders… to include or exclude. rback is repository-based to allow for multiple backup types (like full system backups, configurations…), and is only […]

gurl – a curl general download wrapper

Because I don’t need another download program (and sometimes I find it not installed) I built this: #!/usr/bin/bash # A curl general download wrapper # -l : redirect automatically # -O : output filename is remote name # -# : progress bar # -w : (–write-out) print filename # -A : user agent #    : resume […]

WTFM (Write the Fine Manual) with Pod2man text-converter

Originally posted on Linux Tidbits:
Note: This is a guide from a lightly-proficient manual writer that’s targeted for beginning users: it’s formatting method is easy and conversion method is basic. This method may also be helpful for those that use github because it has rendering support for this method. For a more traditional approach, nixCraft…

Gentoo Linux Tidbits

Originally posted on Linux Tidbits:
I’ve been using Gentoo for about two years now and I took notes on managing my box. These are those notes. If you’re interested in installing Gentoo take a look at Gentoo Quick Install. Update: bash script This section is an addition. I’ve since created a bash script that does…

arpa: (Ar)ch (pa)ckages – generic package tasks wrapper script

Originally posted on Linux Tidbits:
I once saw a wrapper-script for pacman in the forums that was basically a short-hand version of common pacman tasks. Over the last couple years, I’ve expanded on it. It does just about everything I need it to and its real basic. I call it arpa and here are the…


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