The Beauty of Basics

I recently had a hard disk begin to fail on me. I had had Windows XP on this machine for quite some time and because of the immenent failure I was afraid I had lost it for good (laptop didn’t come with any XP installation disk). So I booted up the install cd, mounted Windows, […]

Random Tidbits

Today, I’ll be going over the jet and flotsam I’ve been thinking about lately. Since everybody’s desktop is extraordinarily unique in Linux so there should be something here for everyone :). Gnome Smaller Icons For a smaller screen like I got (800×600) having smaller icons helps save a good amount of screen real estate. I […]

Gentoo Quick Install

The last update to this installation guide was on April 2009, whether it is accurate still I can not say. Gentoo evolves gradually so for the most part it should be alright, best to use in reference with the Gentoo Handbook. Installing Gentoo really is a breezeā€¦ once it has been done before. This guide […]

Jack a dull boy

Did a move several weeks ago and am finally getting all my pieces back together again. Moving takes a considerable amount of focus to accomplish I’ve come to know, from learning about the new place I was going to live in, to gathering everything that was important and deciding how to get it there. This […]

Logitech G9x Laser Mouse

I got lucky enough to have received a G9x Laser Mouse as a gift recently. Up until this day, I’ve always used whatever mouse came with the computer and never had come to a thought of using otherwise. Being presented with a more advanced mouse, I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it. Logitech […]

Taking a KDM Screenshot

To take a screenshot of KDM or Ksplash, here’s a couple tricks. Didn’t find this information readily, so hopefully this helps someone out. In ‘/usr/share/config/kdm/Xsetup’ add this line: sleep 10 && import -window root /tmp/kdm.png & Xsetup runs root commands before the login screen appears. This can’t be run from the command line because Xsetup […]

Setting Up a Scripting Environment

When first starting learning Linux, I didn’t realize lot of it lies beneath the surface. Linux still holds on to it’s developmental roots and a good deal of it’s power can be found directly from the command line. Windows doesn’t have this type of functionality, and though Mac OS X has some of it few […]

The Best Lightweight Browser

I just went through and reinstalling my system from a computer I hadn’t updated for a year and a half. For everything I needed, Gnome 2.22 and Firefox 3.0 did just fine. The computer is an iBook 300MHz that can use all the umphh it can get. Though it worked alright for a long time, […]

Kensington SlimType Keyboard (64365) Review

“Let your fingers do the walking”. That old Yellow Pages slogan applies good to us that are on the keyboard often. We learn pretty quickly that a good tool makes all the difference. I learned this previously when I got a bargain keyboard that had broken keys originally, and later one had a shift key […]

Sleep Button in KDE 4 Workaround

If you noticed that pushing the sleep button does nothing in KDE 4 (as of this writing <=4.3.3), this is because of a bug in KDEs’ power management tool Powerdevil. It appears that in most cases Powerdevil does not recognize the Xorg servers’ XF86Sleep key. To fix this, you may be able to rebind the […]

One More KDE 4 Gmail Checker

Not so far back, I was attempting to cope without a mail notification program on my KDE 4 destkop and not doing so well about it. There are plenty mail notification applets available on Linux most are for Gnome though and they pulled in alot of dependencies (mail-notification , gnubiff, checkgmail-notify-osd). For KDE a couple […]


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