Apple Keyboards in Linux

Warning: For the most part this post is not relevant anymore. I don’t have an Apple computer anymore so siphon through it as best as you and if you let me know the details, I’ll update it. After a year of cramping, odd hand contortions, I finally got my Apple keyboard to behave as I’d […]

Mac – How I Got the Left Side of My Keyboard Back

Note: This webpage has been updated, now with more waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa **cough** power. :) Apple Keyboards in Linux

Just Felicitations!

Well this is it my new site! Perhaps the first thing I will do is to thank you for visiting. I can definitely say that I am happy setting up this blog on WordPress. Well Done, WordPress! A little about me. I like to discover, try and check out new programs. Linux is perfect OS […]


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