The ABC’s of creating MP3s

Being content with GUI ripping software was something that didn’t happen to me using Linux. I had expected my music player software to handle `the task but I can’t remember any that did (not remembering to me is the same as working poorly I’m discovering). As for stand-alone rippers I haven’t heard any that were […] and Linux… Arghh.

Update: Since this I’ve learned that Barnes and Noble carry Audiobooks in the MP3 format. To download them though the Windows application OverDrive Media Console is required. Good news is that you can D/L the file and open it through the application so you don’t have to order it through Windows. Thankfully it’s a good […]

Fixing MPD

Once before I had installed MPD, and once before I really liked it. But as always with updates something had to be stuborn. I honestly hadn’t noticed the breakage until I tried to play some music recently with Sonata. I have Sonata configured as to search for new audio on every load up. This time […]

I Love Sonata.

The more I learned about music the more I began to think that most music players I used in Linux are just too darned big. My recent Linux experience had me starting with Ubuntu which uses Rhythmbox. A nice app for sure, but i’m the type of person that when I push a button I […]


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