Backup Configurations with tar Helpers

Update: This article has been supplanted by The Beauty of rsync and Backup Script. When I have to do a reinstall, sometimes I have to install from scratch – doing a clean install is just sometimes necessary. My configurations are priceless to me and after my reinstall I restore them from a backup copy. Here’s […]

Restore Settings on a Broken Firefox

Update: 09-29-11 – Using script to automate process, see end of post. When people have a issue with Firefox I’ve seen many people will resort to deleting their old profile (or folder) and creating a new one. This works but doing this will get rid of any passwords, history, bookmarks… therein. Having used Firefox quite […]

Color Output on Bash Scripts (Advanced)

I talked in a previous post about basic bash script colored output using the tput command. The tput command works for basic coloring (providing seven colors to choose from) but ANSI also provides a 256 color palette. Note: Not all terminals support ANSI, but most do. ANSI color coding is in this form: \033[01;38;5;160m The […]

Color Output on Bash Scripts

Users who have been using Linux for awhile often learn that creating a basic script is a good way to run multiple, often-repeated commands. Adding a little color to scripts can additionally provide nice feedback. This can be done in a fairly straight-forward way by using the tput command. A common way of doing this […]

Command Line to Clipboard

Update: Script has been updated to add pipe support. Thanks to Nathan who allowed me to use his improvements. It’s really something to be learning Linux. The more I learn about Linux the more I learn it’s about manipulating letters and numbers (well, this is more programming than anything but Linux is a lot about […]

Background a Process/Program

At times it is useful to see the output of what a program produces by typing its command line name in the terminal (for instance for debugging), at other times typing a program in the terminal just takes up space that could ordinarily be utilized for something else. Launching programs from the terminal can be […]


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