Firefox 64bit with tracemonkey and OSS

Ha, I feel somewhat vidicated. Not me really (I know it’s the work of Firefox and Linux developers) but, hey, I’ll take it. You see, when Firefox 3.5 came out I was rapidly shot down when I learned that tracemonkey wasn’t ready for x86_64 yet. On one of the Firefox development blogs a decent number […]

movietime – Stop Powersaving to Watch a Movie

Getting down to watching you favorite movie on your computer? Start the movie, sit down, grab your snack and ten or so minutes later the screen goes blank. This happens in Linux because the desktop has built-in defaults for display power management (DPMS) and screensaving. Timeout settings can vary from distribution to distribution but they […]

Improve flash performance (a bit, maybe)

I’ve been struggling with flash quite a bit. I like to watch flash videos online because the time I’m able to get to them are usually at odd times of the day. The issue with flash (I’m using the 64bit alpha but think this effects other versions too) is that higher definition flash can often […]

Customizable LiveUSB

If you ever have an emergency and need a rescue disk to recover your Linux install, or maybe you just want to brag to your friends there’s some good LiveCD/USB’s out there and many distro’s now make LiveUSB install images, but it is also possible to create your own customizable LiveUSB. Hey, if you’re willing […]

Apple Keyboards in Linux

Warning: For the most part this post is not relevant anymore. I don’t have an Apple computer anymore so siphon through it as best as you and if you let me know the details, I’ll update it. After a year of cramping, odd hand contortions, I finally got my Apple keyboard to behave as I’d […]


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