Firefox: Defining font type and size

What a professional typesetter knows is the importance of a good font. For centuries typesetters have evolved fonts to provide ease of reading that we know today. Having the text look good in the web browser is a nice bonus, choosing the right type and size can make a big difference to how well we […]

Firefox tuneup

When I configure Firefox these are the settings that make my Firefox experience better. Preference edits in order of most important top to bottom. Preferences Note: These edits are done in the configuration page (typing about:config in a new tab/window). Save previous session (the “Show my windows and tabs from last time option”): browser.startup.page 3 […]

Restore Settings on a Broken Firefox

Update: 09-29-11 – Using script to automate process, see end of post. When people have a issue with Firefox I’ve seen many people will resort to deleting their old profile (or folder) and creating a new one. This works but doing this will get rid of any passwords, history, bookmarks… therein. Having used Firefox quite […]


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