Howdy and hello!

Well this is it my new site! Perhaps the first thing I will do is to thank you for visiting. I can definitely say that I am happy setting up this blog on WordPress. Well Done, WordPress!

A little about me. I like to discover, try and check out new programs. Linux is a great OS for this. Lately I’ve been playing games and I just added the Darwinia page that is worth checking out. This is a rare game on Linux that runs very well even on slightly dated hardware. It’s more of a how to as I had a little trouble setting it up (at least with the mods.)

I also put on my iBook Linux which is neat, and a heck of a lot of fun. If you have an older desktop you can resurrect it with Linux. I actually did this install several months (January?) but I updated it and still think it’s pretty worth it (Mac OS 9 is kinda dated, and I still love it, but it need a few things).

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