Main Repository for Bugs.

I’ve been kinda thinking about this in the back of my mind for awhile now. Now, leave it to none other that Mark Shuttleworth to speak his mind about it. Mark now talks about it in his Mark Cuban kinda of way. Actually its a heck of an idea. I’ve done a fair share of distro hopping and recognized this trend of bugs that differ between distros. How many resources are repeated between distros fixing the same little bugs. Such an effort can only be pulled off by someone like Mark though who has the resources to start such a project. One could argue though that doing this would eliminate the difference between distros, take away their competitive edge, and one could also see it as a way to allow developers more time to develop applications. I really like the idea. Such a repository could also be a staging ground for applications to better coordinate between each other, uh hmm, beryl/compiz.

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