I Love Sonata.

The more I learned about music the more I began to think that most music players I used in Linux are just too darned big. My recent Linux experience had me starting with Ubuntu which uses Rhythmbox. A nice app for sure, but i’m the type of person that when I push a button I expect results. :| I have a MacBook so its pretty quick, but from the point I actually started Rhythmbox and played the song it was probably no more the 20 seconds. My problem was unless you have a massive library or are DJ or something you forgot what was behind it. I tried alot quod libet, exaile (actaully I like exaile alot only it has a bug at the time) but they were just too large. So I found Sonata. First time I emerge Sonata I thought it pull in all the dependencies. I started it but it wouldn’t play any of my music. I found out it requires mpd (music player daemon) mpd is a music player that runs all the time in the background. I reported this ommission to bugzilla where sed developer became a little miffed, explaining to me (not so unbluntly) that mpd can also run on a remote system … ahh. Anyways it’s pretty easy to setup. I just followed the HOWTO MPD at the Gentoo Wiki. It was pretty simple.


Lightweight and nice. The only thing that I’d like to be able to do is not see mp3 as the directory header, and instead just the albums:


If keep a static (don’t change much) library of music, you might want to disable “Update MPD library on start, to speed up boot times.  “Sonata is still very very young as well as mpd. Though I haven’t had any issues with it it does take a little bit longer to load that I imagine it possibly could.

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  1. If you click the icon at the bottom left of the library tab (shown in your screenshots), you can switch to artist or album views. Might be more what you’re looking for.

  2. dirkrgently

    Ah thanks, I hadn’t tried that, lol. I like to be able to see the artist view. Though sonata is pretty new it doesn’t behave like it.

  3. Very cool. :)

  4. Я лучше статьи не видел!

  5. Me too, I love it
    it’s a nice lightweight soft

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