Trying Warsow…

My computer isn’t exactly Micheal Johnson with it comes to 3D effects, the MacBook that I use has the Intel 945GM video chipset which shares memory from main memory. I’ve found some games run quite well: Warzone, Dawinia… anything cutting edge Doom 3, Quake 4… probably won’t. Though I’ve always been a big fan of the FPS category, so this disappointed me a little.

Obviously I’ve been a little apprehensive about trying anything, to declare my computer gaming inept. Let alone an online FPS. I am not a big fan of FPS online. I’ve found that instant stopping and direction changes make hitting anyone almost impossible. Haven’t the game developers heard of inertia? Plus if your graphic card isn’t up to snuff, close encounters can drag the frames per second so low that this too will make it almost impossible to hit someone. But I’ve heard good things about Warsow’s rendering ability. Its character rendering is less detailed where you find a large degree of graphic intensivity. And all the positive reviews I’ve heard have raved about Warsows performance. Since I could think of no FPS in Linux that has AI, I decided to try Warsow.

I didn’t watch as I installed Warsow but I believe it used a binary because it took a lot less time than I expected a 90MB file to. Usually I like to compile but at times the binary is better. Warsow impressed me at the get go. Everything seem very clean and started without any bugs. I entered an empty arena at first. I usually do this so I can set up my video and audio settings. Because the 945GM is is still somewhat new, it doesn’t have all the ability it’s been programmed before. There are even a couple video card abilities that apparently are under litigation and can’t be be realeased yet in an open source driver. So it goes.

I discovered the best settings for the driver through trial slash error:


The most needed items to change are: Dynamic Lighting and Marks on Walls as the will draw incorrectly when fired on. Everything else are performance enhancements. I find 800×600 was the best balance of detail and performance.

Unfortunately thats as far as I got. When I joined a server with a few gamers on it, I began seeing huge issues. Warsow locked up, and not just , a minor lock up, I mean locked up completely. I tried to force quit the app, change desktop, then I tried killing the x-server. Nothing. Then the white then black, leaving nothing but the fan going. I finally tracked the problem, but it doesnt’ matter as I won’t be able to play it. I have had luck with apps runing laterly :(

For those curious, I traced the problem to someone entering the arena, and I’m willing to bet that that person is a windows user. I’m not harping here but I’m figuring there is some code the isn’t very inter-operable between systems. Anyways you can read more about it here. Maybe I’ll try another one. Tremulous possibly?

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