Playing Games.

Well, after the bit of a letdown yesterday, a letdown in the way only by being playable but unplayable, I’ve been thinking about a game to try – 90MB file can take awhile to download. I did find out that Penumbra – Overture uses that bit of the i810 intel driver that isn’t implemented yet in the linux version. Now I ran into this person who is known only as kahvipapu. kahvipapu has written a detailed report on fine quality linux games. So far he has covered first person shooters and strategy.


Also looking for a few ideas I ran into this talk titled

Hardest Game Ever Made

It’s a kick. I played alot of these, and still can recall some of the details – Contra, Ghosts and Goblins. My top pick, I remember a game called Wizardry, that I spent months exploring a dungeon. I knew that dungeon like that the wrinkles in my hand, I was like a super mouse. At the bottom level there was this one creature I never did beat, though and I justified to myself that I completed the game- never heard of anyone ever beating him.

Hopefully I’ll find another impossibly ending game today.

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