Icons and design

geany.pngAs a hobby I like to mess with icons and design every now and then.  I haven’t worked a lot of jobs doing graphical things and I am not that likely to.  But it does interest me.  I use a program call geany all the time.  My favorite text editor. I had been using it so much that I thought I should give something back to them.


So I spent a few hours this Saturday putting an icon together.  It’s not too difficult once you learn Inkscape basics.  I discovered the singlest cleverest thing one can do the help with icon creation is to use layers.  With all the different pieces thats required its can be difficult to track items, they become buried or just plain confused in the mix.  Another item I learned when I started this was that it’s too natural to put in more nodes to fix an issue.  Nodes are the dots the direct the shape of the line.  A very basic rule is that less nodes will produce the best shapes.

On a side note, you can see why I’ll probably never do this for living.  I’m just discovered djany buuf’s iconsbuff-icons2.pngThese aren’t svgs (scalable) like the one I created above but they are nice professional quality.    Aren’t they a beaut though?


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