Of Languanges

I’ve been wresting with Compiz-Fusion for the last week and think I’m almost there.  Having Gentoo has really indentured me to automated compiling.  I never really compiled anything before this that was more complicated than, “./configure && make && make install.”  So delving into Compiz-Fusion has been an ordeal.  Considering Compiz-Fusion is still a work in progress caused me to learn alot more about the basics of configuring a system to compile.  The configure command has a lot of options that builds can rely on, and are needed to help with early builds (like Compiz-Fusion is).  I admit at times like these I’m a bit turn-back-timeish, as I see others are able to use debs made by professionsals, but I getting this down.

My life seems to be alot about languages lately because some problems I have been having with another program has led to look up information in other languages.  I finally discovered babelfish at altavista that really helped out.  I am a bit surprised with all the language support that linux has there wasn’t an app I could find that does this.

On a couple side notes:

  •  Mice Plans has an awesome bit of a story.
  •  oohhh part IV is up – Nice coverage of gaming in linux.

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