Gnome-menu speedup

I’ve recently upgraded my desktop from gnome-2.16 to gnome-2.18. The new update is sweet and adds a few items like the ability to color themes in Metacity, but mostly it’s a release of stability and I like that. A couple things I had troubles with though is the long login (I noted about this a couple of entries down) and this one: slow menu. I have a good number of items in the menu so it’s understandable to a certain degree. When I start, i.e. after I login, it will take about 5 or 6 seconds to wait for the menu to pop up. I’m not always that impatient but if I have a thought on my mind it can be a bit of an irritant. Gentoo makes is very simple to update programs the only thing a user has to watch for is preferences. If preferences are not written or read from the same way as the version previous, it can lead to delays (and sometimes it can lead to a program not starting.) A possible solution is to delete all you preferences in /home/user/ but I don’t consider that a solution any more. After you’ve done that several times, it begins to dawn on you the numerous personalizations that you’ve made to your OS. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to look into all the details of why the gnome-panel takes as long as it does. So this fix will require setting up the panel again.

cd /home/user/.gconf/apps/

I just move the folder “panel” to the desktop in case I want to restore it later. Now just log back in. You may still notice a slight delay, but it should be better. If you want to further decrease the load time you can resize all the pngs to 24×24 the fixed size of the menu icons. (You’ll need to have Imagemagick):


p style=”border:1px solid #7378b8;background-color:#d8d9e3;padding:1px 2px;”>cd /usr/share/pixmaps
mkdir pngbackup
cp *.png pngbackup
mogrify -geometry 24x24 *.png


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