Friday experiments

I love it at night what I get the time to look about the our solar-system. It’s a sight I never get enough of. I can name about a dozen constellations including a few located in the southern-hemisphere. I’m like your Buzz Aldrin’s and other astronauts that dream everytime we see a distant far off place. When the shuttle goes up I wonder what it’s like to be in that station or to place a foot on the moon. Every now and so often I pull up Celestia. Celestia is a 3D map of out solar system. It’s not really incredible for more that that but it is good for that. I get dizzy looking down at theseScreenie Celesita far off places like I’m on the top of a building but I’m also amazed and can’t take my eye off of it. I get to look at the red spot on Jupiter or what a pithy little planet Mercury is (and so deadly close to the sun.) The sun is brilliant and beautiful. Outside of our own system you won’t see much detail but it’s still nice to the imagination.

Captcha Gotcha?

Has anyone beside me have huge problems with captcha? For anyone that are not sure what they are, though you’ve probablycap2 seen them, captchas are tests to verify that you are not a computer attempting a fake login into a forum or website. Captcha stands for (straight from the wiki): “Completely Automatedcap5 Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” Figuring out some of them are completely improbable. I’ve actually erroredcap4 out a couple time trying to get them right. Sites will usually only allow 5-4 attempts to produce the right phrase in the captcha. Look at the following examples, of these which ones are possible to even get right? I was successful in the firstcap3 and last, the middle ones, I still have no idea. :)

Have a nice weekend.


2 thoughts on “Friday experiments

  1. Steven Oliver

    If you were color blind you’d be screwed on a lot of them. I’ve never erred out but I had missed them before. I tend to press the “Give me another one” button several times before I find one easy enough to read.

  2. dirkrgently

    I know probably won’t be long till a computer can read these better than we can :)


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