Part 2: Toolbar Clutter

Yesterday, I touched on a few de-cluttering ideas but theres also a few more. The desktop hide/show button is very useful to me, but this can I discovered be keymapped. In keyboard shortcuts you’ll see it down towards the bottom. I mapped mine Ctrl+Alt+`. I often decide the comfortable combinations are often the best for me. I’m thinking, if it were possible to switch, hmmm, paste and copy would be so much… anyways…

urukrama pointed me to apwal, a keypress will list it’s predefined contents. It reminds me of the Neverwinter Menu:

button - apwal

Now the console replacement I told you about is pretty neat. Although it is new it looks promising, so don’t be upset if it breaks. The author said if was meant to be lightweight. It is also unobtrusive, which is what I need, when not used it is completely unvisable. revertx was good enought to point it out to me it is called stjerm, and he also made a .deb for those interested. As much as I use the console it has done the most to help save screen real-estate:

stjerm terminal console

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