Planeshift tryout

I not sure if I’m a hard-core enough gamer to do this bit every week, but I’ll see.

Planeshift, possibly the most used MMORPG in Linux, I discovered, can really can be used on my MacBook!  yeah! I hadn’t seen anyone attempt it yet. In fact, a couple posts I read in the Planeshift Forums didn’t think an on-board graphic processor would be able to do it.

My first attempt at the Planeshift build a couple months ago was initially very impressive, but unfortunately, as I started to get into it, I found out that an area outside the city, towards the North, was having large drawing problems. (Just left of the junction in the pic).  Planeshift would crunch to a 5fps crawl, or just freeze entirely, so I reluctantly gave up on it.

Last week, because I needed something new to play, I got to trying the Planeshift binary. I had originally tried this on OS X six months ago and was very unimpressed. So I had little hope this time, and my suspicions were confirmed as I got no more than 5 frames per second once again.

I nice fellow has been building Planeshift builds for a bit now. Planeshift is no longer in the repositories because it was difficult to keep up. Planeshift uses modified versions of both cel and crystalspace, and is frequently updated.

You’ll notice Planeshift will pull in “nvidia-cg-toolkit”.  This was odd to me because I have an Intel card. But Xordon in the forums was kind enough to tell me that, “nvidia-cg-toolkit runs on both ATI, Nvidia and Intel graphics cards. It’s just made by Nvidia.”

Installation takes a day and a half. Ok, that may be exaggerating but with cellps, crystalspaceps and the artwork, it’s over 300MB. Oddly enough, it will still emerge a binary (PlaneShift_CBV0.3.019-x86.bin, the installer I think), which the build will extract the artwork.

So after I got alot of other tidbits done. It finished. Emerging Planeshift will install these three scripts you will need to execute the game with:

‣ >>> /usr/games/bin/
‣ >>> /usr/games/bin/
‣ >>> /usr/games/bin/

The build-creator said the game is up to date, so I’m not bothering with the updater. I started with

I started setting all minimal values since I this graphic processor isn’t know for power. hmm… some default setting are messing things up. After a couple crashes (make sure you turn off compiz first). I think I have a nice setup. Apparently the i810 isn’t able to process certain textures at certain settings. There are TS(?) OpenGL extensions that aren’t supported just yet by the i810 driver. They’re disabled in gldrivers.xml, but some users have seen issues if you don’t tell an exact version of mesa.


p style=”border:1px solid #7378b8;background-color:#d8d9e3;padding:0 4px;”>geany /opt/planeshift/bin/data/config/gldrivers.xml
geany /opt/planeshift/crystalspace/etc/crystalspace-1.1/gldrivers.xml

Find and replace this line with:


p style=”border:1px solid #7378b8;background-color:#d8d9e3;padding:0 4px;”><regexp string="glversion" pattern="Mesa 6.5.." />
<regexp string="glversion" pattern="... Mesa 6.5.3" />

Or whatever you version of mesa is.  I have learn you cannot play Planeshift at this time with setting “Texture Downsampling” to 1/1 – certain areas like the forest, mentioned earlier, north of the city will have troubles and your framerate will literally come to a freeze. Here are my settings and a couple notes:
‣ Anisotrophy filtering set too high will lead to trailing.
‣ I set FPS cap in the in-game setting to 13 though I’m not sure this made any change.

It isn’t perfect, as with many games for the i810 driver, it just doesn’t feel complete yet. Like transparency, it words but some textures aren’t appearing. Also my Icon menu, I haven’t located anything on fixing it.

Everything else is alright though. Animation is smooth, the square, where lots of people are, doesn’t have issues, and there view-able depth is pleasant. Overall I’m liking it and beginning to feel hope.


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