Customizing Internet Webpages

I really like sites that take the time to make text viewable. There is zero doubt that content comes first. I’ve know I’ve read enough books where the typing was barely large enough to read. Sites, I think, should generally be designed to allow the users to choose their own font preferences instead forcing a font on them. Unless, of course, the theme needs it.



award 3

Here’s three examples of websites that show nicely.

These goto into my Web Design Awards.

Though Brian Carper’s

BrianCarper.CoW doesn’t allow the browser chosen font, he seems to know a fair deal about choosing a nice font and size. Yes, of course, the size of monitor and resolution vary alot, and that this making a standard difficult, but, in the future scalable desktops will be standard.

This means desktops will proportionally look similar, monitors of increa

sed resolution will just show more detail.

So to my point. Gentoo Forums look terrible. The design must have been made years ago because one of the first things you’ll notice is the small text.

As screens get larger text size decreases.

Also to note, the thing I’ve noticed about sites that don’t pay attention to design – people tend to care less what they scribble. If you look closely at the forums you’ll see alot of type o’s, misspellings, trollings… So I made it an exercise to fix the the layout to improve readability. I used Greasemonkey ( great app ) to alter the css to allow for better padding.

What it looked like before

What it looks like now

If you care to try the script you can find it in the forums. This script also could be very easy to adjust fo other website as well, just match the css tags. If you try it, what you think of it?

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