Political Rant

You know the feeling when someone’s looking at you, you know they’re looking at you but you’re not looking at them.  I hate it.  They will tell you were in on the joke, no you weren’t.  Wanted nothing at all to do with it.  Well, this next little bit has something to do with it.  I installed this curious little game I got ( I can’t tell you the name because I zapped it real quickly ) and here’s what I saw:

An Installer via Windows?

I’m not sure what a Windows installer is doing on Linux or even why anyone bothered not to use an open source solution.  Worse yet I think this installer is something you have to buy.  It also did this to the menus:

Installer did what to menu?

Needless to say the game wasn’t much better neither.

Spent the last couple days “emerging world”.  This means that I recompiled everything on my system to optimized with the great gcc 4.2.0 toolchain.  Sounds like a lot of work?  Well, it was for my computer.  Next time I compile a new compiler, I very much thinking about the natural update process ( i.e. when new packages come out ) do the updating, we’ll see.

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