lol, that’s what you would have listened to after spending some time finding the answer on the internet, instead of finding it here locally.  It wasn’t an angry bl@#$p nor a shunning bl@#$p, just a bl@##p, nothing less or more.

Everytime I need information and can’t find it on the Internet of a Wiki,  I find myself returning to the Gentoo documentation.  They have a lot of nice reads: Update GCC, Security-Handbook ( as I’ve mentioned before ), the Realtime Guide, the Compiling Optimization Guide, the last 2 are new, and plenty more.   They’re technical and not overly fluffy.  As a newb, I’ve thought all my answers could be discovered by the sed ‘googling’ term.  I’ve learned that a lot of the infomation I have been Googling is already on my computer.  The key…: “man pages are gold”.  If you get a tort comment in the forums saying ‘man sometopic’ they usually correct because as veteran forum users know, 85% of troubles they peruse are found here.  man pages, though, have the image of being texts being written by programmers, which means the normal person can’t understand them.  They are however better now, in fact so, that most of them are easier to read than what a veteran will put on a forum.  For ‘man emerge’, a typical man page looks as such:

       emerge - Command-line interface to the Portage system

       emerge [options] [action] [ebuild | tbz2file | set | atom] ...

       emerge --sync | --info | --version

       emerge --search somestring

       emerge --help [--system | --config | --sync]

       emerge  is the definitive command-line interface to the Portage sys-
       tem.  It is primarily used for installing packages,

Basic, not overly difficult.  I think alot of new users are thrown off at first because reading in the terminal can be distracting.  I find it alot easier to use Help in the gnome-menu.  Just type it in the field!

Enjoy a pleasant relaxing two days!


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