Words of Wisdom

As security becomes a nightmare on my system. I am able to do some things that help stop it. As the Gentoo Security Handbook said, that the only safe computer is the one that is taken off the network, turned off, and locked in the closet.

I’m not gonna go that far, but I do like my little security cookie hack I wrote yesterday. Seems a system admin at a forums I post to regularly isn’t too liking some of my concerns as of lately. So he’s goes out of his way to make sure I have to login every time I visit the forum. No big deal to re-login, I just find it funny that submitting bug-reports could be so damaging. Honestly I’ve submitted noththing else, nor commented. Just pure scientist from the 60’s with thick-rimmed glasses type of info. I actually took a fair amount of interest in doing these, with some sacrificing to my computer ( yes, it will be ok ;) ), so why this dude has it out for me… NBD. So this script I wrote just locks my cookies good and tight, meaning I don’t have to login all the time. Ha, that’ll disturb him for weeks.

I read that the Free Software Foundations lawyers have green lighted OpenHAL. Yeah! Sorry guys at the Ubuntu Forum who had to listen to my security concerns with new products after my bat yesterday. OpenHAL will provide open source drivers to Atheros chipsets used, and very commonly so, for wireless networking. This is indeed good news, messages from the kernel prove it :) :

Aug  4 10:04:00 localhost kernel: ath_hal: module license 'Proprietary' taints kernel.
Aug  4 10:04:00 localhost kernel: ath_hal: (AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, RF5111, RF5112, RF2413, RF5413)

Using drivers that are not restricted is in the best interest of open-source. And actually, definitely, helps improve the concern I experienced yesterday.

So, I’m not gonna make a rule from the exception, but that dude at the forum…

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