A Repository for Linux… hmm.

I remember a little while back famed Linux neo-avant Mark Shuttlesworth remarked about eventually needed to create a central repository for Linux development.  I’m sure we’ve all had this thought at some time but people like Shuttlesworth can make it happen.  I’ve talked about this earlier and it would truly help, I believe, overlapping resources.  Since Linux distros aren’t really serious business cut-throat types, almost every distro I would guess shares about 90%+ of the code, having a central-repo makes sense.  Ron Hovsepian, the Novell CEO, talked of this too.  Despite Novells having aligned themeselves to a non-open-source partner, I still sense that Novell’s interest in Linux is genuine.  Ron spoke that if Linux doesn’t do this he fears that Linux could fracture like the previous generatoins *nix’s did.  Yes he fears that.  I personally think this is overblown.  And a little too paranoid.  Linux being forked?  I think the only way that could happen is if someone found a way that Linux could be used commercially, i.e. for a profit, and break compatibility.  This would be extremely tough to do as the GPL and other such licenses, and the very basic Foundation of Linux itself is compatibility.  Nonetheless,  a central repository would be nice and I think most people would agree on the.  In fact creating a central repository may be the thing that could fracture Linux the most ( but not in the important way ).  With a solid base, I think you would see distros become more unique and the would be better able to create software directly for what their customers want instead of having to consolidate the base all the time.

Just ramblings.

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