Someone’s Sleepy

I discovered this past week that I wasn’t the only one sleeping at odd hours. I discovered our regular over caffeined-lovin’ tux could too be caught taking a nap. I got the idea from some suspend tools located in the kernel. Since Linux at times seems centered around servers, us laptops users notice it most, I created this dude to help Linux power management.

I bandied about the license for the awhile and discovered Creative Commons seems to be working for a lot of different artists. It offers variations from free-use to commercial, to alterable to fixed. I choose the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Which looks to be a nice fit with the Linux style – non commercial use and alterations must be shared.

I mentioned last week that font rendering could be improved by setting the correct DPI for you monitor. I want to show you what it looks like, here’s the original, and the improved version:


You dont’ really even notice it ( besides aesthetically ) it until you look closer.


It amazing what a keen eye it takes, you can see what I mean when I said I thought the original is fine… I hadn’t any idea the dpi settings were off.  Obviously Linux fonts don’t look anywhere near as good as the clearlook fonts we see in MS, too many patents in the way of that ever happening.  But it’s nice to have something. :)

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about tips for journalists ( yes, us bloggers ).

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