Love Linux Games

I love a good battle. Thats all thats really important, in you know me. Some say, winnings the only thing, nahhh, a decent challenge is all we need.

I remember still the games I used to play with my Dad. He always made it fun to play, he always kept it interesting and challenging.

And so that leads me to last… night, playing my favorite online-game, Continuum ( See my HowTo’s on what one needs to install it ). I was pummeled mercilessly, but I’ll try to think that it’s the challenge that counts. This can also be said for ET, Enemy Territory which I’m just starting. Once you get the little details right, its a piece of cake.

Since the source logic for ET went public, finding the settings can be difficult. ET doesn’t have one settings-file, it has many. Mods in ET have their own settings, and, exponetially, each profile in these mods do as well. You’ll soon discover that you have dozens and dozens of settings.

The best way to deal with this is to create an autoexec.cfg. This is a file you can place all the settings you want and can call up anytime. Place the file in ~/.etwolf/etmain. To see some of the settings look at your etconfig.cfg. Yeah, there’s tons and tons of settings. Place whatever values you like in the autoexec.cfg.

Heres some more important ones.

Type /modelist from the console to see available screen modes. -1 for custom.

set r_mode -1
set r_customwidth "1024"
set r_customheight "768"

Sound and music effects

set s_musicvolume "0.114583"
set s_volume "0.156250"

Higher values are better for better frames per second

set r_picmip 3 // Texture Detail
set r_picmip2 2 // Not sure what it is but it improves FPS

The mouse can be very sensitive

set sensitivity "2" //1-32 Higher is more sensitive
set m_pitch 0.016 // make looking up & down slower.

Limit Bobbing, the up and down movement while running.

set cg_bobroll "0.002"
set cg_bobpitch "0.002"
set cg_bobup "0.005"
set cg_bobyaw "0.002"
set cg_runpitch in 0.002
set cg_runroll in 0.005

Now punkbuster will limit some of these values so that some people don’t gain an unfair edge. Always check your console before playing in an arena and see that all cvar checks clear.

To be you will probably have to tell ET of the new settings for every new mod and profile ( unless you want to erase the profiles and begin all over. ) You can do that in each arena by typing in the console

/exec autoexec.cfg

Playing a game with fair settings is what it’s all about – the decent challenge, no matter what the outcome as long as you play with people you trust and like, you will be enjoying oneself. Those pickup games with my Dad I’ll always think of. Now I’m going to, like we always did after our pickup games, have a Big Mac.

Late late.

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