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Anybody knows me knows I love the Blues.  And for something as awesome as a Blues lick, I need a player just as good.  I jumped into the merits of MPD yesterday – lightweight, fast.  But didn’t mention on any clients to use with it.

I touched on Sonata in a previous sitdown.  Sonata’s a nice GUI client for MPD.  I wrote that Sonata has the finest GUI in the business.  Having come from Rhythmbox and Exaie it was nice to see a client that didnt hog the entire screen.  Sonata has the ability to do radio streams on the net as well.

The next two MPD clients I tried, Gimmix and GMPC, aren’t as feature complete as Sonata, this leaves Sonata as the GUI champ, but they have their own.


Gimmix is coded in C and GMPC, well I’m not sure, but both take ittle time to load.  I’ll start with Gimmix.


Since MPD is a daemon my music directory was already set.  Gimmix asked me to define the settings which just confused me, so I bypassed the setup.

Gimmix started nearly instantaneously.  I’m used to waiting a bit for my music player to start, with Gimmix… nothing.  Absolutely amazing.  This helps people like me that forget what song they like to listen waiting for a program to start.  Besides this though, unfortunately, Gimmix feel short.  Gimmix wasn’t real intuitive for me to learn.  After a bit of searching I discovered you have to hit the + to find your music collection.

So, then I setup the library window size and position but Gimmix doesn’t want to save it.

Then I do finagle all my settings, open the library, add music the the player and, CRASH!  A little bug, but I discover that the “play music immediately” preference setting causes this.


So Gimmix had it’s issues, hopefully the author will release another version soon, as being written in C, it feels solid.  As I entered the bug I noticed a couple of the previous issues had been resolved, so..

With the Gimmix tiny straw,  I decided to try GMPC.

GMPC started nearly as quickly.  This is becoming a nice feature to me.  Though how much I Sonata is champ of GUI, it’s dependency of python doesn’t allow for quick startups.  I saw this too with Exaile.  I’m not sure what GMPC is written in but it feels nearly as responsive as Gimmix did.  GMPC has more features than Gimmix, for one a library thats integrated and plugin support.


I am happy to say that GMPC is my new music player  As I mentioned before, I can’t play radio streams from the net with it, which is a big bug for me, otherwise I’m pretty happy.  Only thing I had a trouble about is that I could find a place to have GMPC stop the music when I exit GMPC.

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