Battle for Wesnoth

Many hail this as the best Linux game.  I’m not sure about that but it is very good.  I like strategy games and this one can be a-lot of fun.  I played the original scenario and it was fun but I basically lost interest in it after that.  I tried several of the download-able scenarios but never found any of them interesting.

The deal with gaming overall is the best parts of the game can be put together but if the gameplay balance isn’t refined usually a person becomes bored with them.  Well recently I found the best Wesnoth scenario I’ve played yet.  It’s called “Under the Burning Suns”  and it rocks.  Basically, as the author decsribes it, it is a RPG stlyle campaign.  It involves large maps that require careful consideration.  I don’t remember it from when I first played 8 or so months ago, but it’s now part of default installation.  If you like Wesnoth, its worth looking into.

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