MacBook Sold – tears of joy

I sold my MacBook. It was a sad day for me. Yes that’s a little bit pathetic, but I put alot of effort into that computer. It was one of the first MacBooks to run linux really efficiently. I tested and debugged many different aspects of that laptop and it was cool to see what it became. Unfortunately, Macs use Open Firmware which turns out to be extremely hackable. It got hacked so bad, it just became a nuisance to maintain. For those people whom are interested the networkcard and wireless were both able to receive and send information without being detected. I told Apple about this, hopefully this can be fixed in the future. I have watched this company for years and am really excited to see it re-emurgance. It’s leadership and direction have come a long long way to becoming a very very capable and well doing industry.

Open Firmware turns out to be a piece of crap. Not only could people see everything I typed on the computer, had access to the iSight camera on the MacBook, but the older iBook I decided to revert back to appears to be evenworse. Lately I’ve discovered that hackers just … recently, became able to access the keyboard. I tookout my airport networkcard so at least I have privacy when I diconnect the ethernet.

I’m not such a drag all the time. In fact, my iBook is definitely running ok, so I’ll post tomorrow on some games I’m starting to enjoy.

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