Classic Gaming on Linux

As a hujungnormous fan of classic gaming. I like the bare bones aspect of classic games where concept goes farther than graphics. Classic gaming can still be alot of fun if I get past the graphics and try becoming involved with the game. I’ve been lucky to stumble upon a couple ones lately. One is awesome, another is still in development.

Cave Story

Cave Story 1

Cave Story is about a robot ( Quote ) that magically ends up in a cave where Mimiga live (mean but adorable(?) bunny type creatures). I’m not gonna ruin the plot by giving a whole synopsis but the story is imaginative, detailed and interesting. Cave Story is a classic 2d platform game like a Mario Bros. or Contra. It has a lot of characters and deliciously menical evil bosses. The author spent 5 years on an off creating this and it feels well-polished.  Wikipedia as a good entry on it.

Cave Story 2

Not too long ago the author release a linux binary for x86, so for the free-software enthusiasts this may not be kosher, otherwise I like this game alot. A fair challenge even for an adult. Check out the game tome for more.


Nazghul is a roleplaying game engine make similiar to the Ultima 5 game engine. It includes the game called Haxima. In early development but well playable.  It reminds me of my all too addictive Ultima 4 days ( I can still remember the map – cities dungeons, portals…).

The great thing about Ultima 4 was its complete detailed story and huge terrain. I just began Haxima and I doubt it can rival Ultima 4, it does seemto have a good start so far.

Nazghul - haxima 1

A couple tinkerings were needed to get Nazghul/Haxima working. Haxima includes a .desktop file and an icon for a menu entry but it doesn’t install them. So I had to move haxima.desktop and haxima.png in to /usr/share/applications and /usr/share/pixmaps respectively. Also an error in the .desktop file needed to point to in the Exec= line.

Because the LCD I use is 800×600 I had to change screenresolution in Nazghul  to 640×480 but the ingame option didn’t work, so I had to edit the script.

vim /usr/local/bin/

And define the “-r” option (resolution) manually.

“/usr/local/bin/nazghul” -I “/usr/local/share/nazghul/haxima” -G “$HOME/.haxima” “$@” -r 640×480

The tutorial is buggy, it’s better just to learn playing the game. In the tutorial when I needed to mix a spell, it would report acid each time I did it and cause damage.

To start the game, I’ll give a hint. The bandit town is west and little bit south of the ranger fort.

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