tomboy busted … and Epiphany does rock!

Tomboy busted … and Epiphany does rock!

I’ve been having trouble with my favorite note jotting software. Tomboy is perfect for quick notes, large thoughts and organization, but with a recently update to world, everything broke. Tomboy is like a dog run awayfrom home. I’ve tried reverting back to tomboy 0.6.3 and rolling back to the previous mono version but no go. I’m probably gonna revert to mono 1.2.1 which does work. Mono is big though and my 350 MHz is getting a break. In the interim, I’ll just grep 123nad234nsd9dfg23sff32f.note. :)

On to better news. My new (old) laptop is up and working good. I hadn’t messed with this system since quite some time back, so the tricks I’ve learned since are speeding up the process of making a nice running system. I’ve updated the wiki that I use now for installing and it’ pretty comprehensive from Stage1 to a Gnome desktop.


Thanks 2 a recent Zeth Green article on Epiphany, I finally deciced to give Epiphany a go. Now that I’m using an older PC I find that epiphany is the way to go. Though it uses the same rendering engine, the Mozilla toolkit must really slow Firefox down. Epiphany is fat. Though not as feature packed as Firefox ( I really miss the search engine box ) it’s a dam good browser. I think the biggest addition that Epiphany needs (and I’m not the only one) is an integrated bookmarks bar. Otherwise, I really enjoy the browser.

To make epiphany seem legitimate it’s really necessary to emerge epiphany-extensions. Must haves like session-saver and middle button scroll are part of it. I was hoping that the sidebars extension would provide a search feature, but the sidebar turns out to be a depracated part of the old netscape days. Humbug!

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