Binaural-beat generator

A binaural-beat is a combination of two differing frequencies broadcasted through headphones that produced a combined sensation. Ever since I was very very young, I have occasionally have trouble hearing. Years back I discovered that there are frequencies on tones that can have a soothing effect on the ears, binaural-beat’s really provide help.

While, just offhandedly exploring the web, I discovered Gnaural. Years back, I used a program that helped soothe my ears called SBaGen. I had forgotten all about it (I just remembered what it named). So I, trying to remember, scavenged the Internet looking for it again. Well I located another similar program (Gnaural) and it looks promising. Since I found this project on Sourceforge, I prayed that it also had a Linux version. Well, it turns out that it can be made for Linux. I, using a PPC processor now, began to think it may processor specific. I tried to build it and it did say that it was missing keyword, so I added the ~ppc architecture to the build script and it did build and Gnaural is on my laptop. This has been a nice find.

Gnaural Screen


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