Old School Gaming and a Gnome Thought

— Old School Gaming and a Gnome Thought — The iBook is not a powerhouse of computing so I’ve been trying some old school games ( A transition I’m beginning to like ). Last Sunday I discussed a couple such games, Cave Story and Nazghul/Haxima, this week I’ve tried several more.

Bible Dave

Bible Dave is a pious Pitfall game. Dave must locate the lost bibles after a plane crash. Playing this reminded me of how much I like the old pitfall game ( I still wonder if it ever had an ending ). Three of the games I tried used SDL. I wasn’t sure if using SDL would create a performance issue, but for the most part no. Bible Dave was the expection. A 300 MHz processor and a 4MB video card isn’t enough for this game. Processors above this should be able to handle Bible Dave fine. Tecnoballz in not part of Gentoo’s portage and will need to be compiled on it’s own.

bible dave screen


Technoballz is another SDL game, a modern breakout clone. Tecnoballz runs pretty smoothly and is alot of fun to play. It features tons and tons of powerups, and the ability to buy powerups as the game progresses. Tecnoballz also in not part of portage and will need to be compiled.

tecnoballz screen

A couple bits seemed missing during compiling that I had to fix in order for it to run. From the source directory:

mkdir ~/.tlkgames
cp tecnoballz.conf ~/.tlkgames/
cd src/TecnoballZ/
sudo cp levels-data.xml /usr/local/share/tecnoballz/
sudo cp -r texts /usr/local/share/tecnoballz/

I also created a .desktop entry for it.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=An SDL Breakout clone.


tkgames is a collection of nice basic puzzle games – solitaire, spider, hangman, and a few others. Not really the action games like above but fun none-the-less. I particularly like poly puzzle.

tksolitaire screen

tkgames is not in portage and requires tk and tcl to run.

My thought for an addition to Gnome, what do you think?

How about apps the are minimized become iconized:

minimized thoughts


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