Exult RPG Install and Keyboard Fix

First I’d like to thank Domino for providing the needed information to fix the problem I was having with my keyboard. The page is now updated. — I’ve had an opportunity the last several days to setup and and play Exult. Exult for any who haven’t tried it, recreates the Ultima 7 game-engine. The Ultima series is a very very classic RPG sub-genre. Exult attempts to re-create the experience (originally written for DOS) by re-creating the engine and using the original games data and graphics. I have only started but. I’ve completed, in the day, Ultima 3 and my Apple IIc, so I hope this is interesting. To install on Gentoo, here’s what’s I needed to do.

Ultima screen 2


The timidity USE flag is necessary. Timidity is a MIDI interpreter but I couldn’t get the game to start without it. Exult has support for digital music and actually installs the OGGs needed, but refused to start without it. Also sdl-mixer will need timidity support.

echo "media-libs/sdl-mixer timidity" >> /etc/portgage/package.use
echo "games-engines/exult" >> /etc/portgage/package.use

emerge sdl-mixer exult

Exult will need the original “Ultima VII – The Black Gate” and/or “The Serpent Isle” installed. Ultima 7 can be found as abandoned software, but also it can be bought online , I’ll let one’s conscience decide.

Start exult once so it can build the ~/.exult.cfg and ~/.exult directory

Copy the Ultima files as they are to the blackgate directory.

cd Ultima\ 7\ The\ Black\ Gate/
cp -r * ~/.exult/blackgate/

The directory listing should be:

~/.exult/blackgate $ ls
Answers.txt INSTALL.PRM Map.jpg U7.BAT ULTIMA7.COM

The ~/.exult.cfg I fixed to point to /home/user/.exult/STATIC as the but no matter how much I messed with it the exult command would only work if I was in the ~/.exult/blackgate directory. So I created a script and edited /usr/share/applications/exult.desktop to point to it. It’s best I learned just to leave the ~/.exult.cfg alone.

cd /home/user/.exult/blackgate

Sound Problem

Ultima screen 1

The documentation says to use digital music (OGG) instead of the orginal midi (many soundcards now days don’t support midi) Hopefully other users will be able to do as the documentation says and start the game and select “DigitalMusic” from the “SETUP/Midi Convert” option and restart the game. For me the sound icon was crossed out.

A timidity.cfg must go in the same directory as the exult executable.

cp /etc/timidity.cfg /usr/games/bin/

With this the game will start, and it should be good to go. Exult has a few nice features like scaling and difficulty setting.

I just started the game and I’m pretty excited to get into it. I haven’t found much of a plot to Nazghul/Haxima (though it reminds me alot of UltimaIII, so I’m gonna give this a whirl and see how it goes. Gor those who may have already played Ultima VII, there are a couple add-ons (Forge of Virtue and Silver Seed) that Exult can also play.


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