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Browsing the Open Compositing forums a while back, I discovered a terminal called stjerm. Stjerm was designed to be a lightweight and un-obtrusive terminal. It toogles shown and hidden like you see in first-person-shooters by pressing a button. Stjerm was discontinued a couple years ago unfortunately, I’m still hoping the author will pick it up again. That said, it is still a great terminal for lightweight desktops.


Because of it’s status, Stjerm will require a special setup to get it to behave as you expected. I like Stjerm for about everything. The only thing that I need that Stjerm does not have is url recognition. Besides that I’m very happy with it.

For Gentoo users, you can grab an ebuild for it here. For Arch users, it’s in the AUR.

Stjerm uses the ~/.Xdefaults file for it’s permanent settings. However, some values are broken entirely, or will have to be entered through the command line options. The ~/.Xdefaults file:

! ~/.Xdefaults

! -config stjerm-0.11- !
! Some of these values are broken or can only be set through the command line.
! They are commented by (!!).  Command line arguments override Xdefault options.
stjerm.key: f12
stjerm.autohide: false          ! true*
stjerm.font: DejaVu Sans Mono 8
stjerm.background: #181C20      ! black*
stjerm.opacity: 70              ! range: 10–100 (full-none)
stjerm.scrollbar: right         ! none*, left, right
stjerm.lines: 2400              ! 1000*
stjerm.scroll: true             ! true* (auto-scroll on term fill)
!                  ! X shell to use
!stjerm.bgimage:                ! background image
!!stjerm.mod: shift             ! shift, control, alt, windows, none *
!!stjerm.keymod: control+f12
!!stjerm.foreground: gray       ! base font color
!!stjerm.allbold: false         ! true *
!!stjerm.border: thick          ! thin, thick, none *
!!sjterm.width: 519             ! in pixels
!!stjerm.height: 600
!!stjerm.position: bottomleft   ! top*, bottom, left, right
!!stjerm.showtab: two           ! never*, one, always
!!stjerm.tabpos: top            ! bottom*, top, left, right
!!stjerm.tablabel: 1            ! term*
!!stjerm.tabfill: false         ! true* (tab spans window?)
!!stjerm.color0: #181C20   ! black - regular
!!stjerm.color1: #A44245   ! red
!!stjerm.color2: #00BF00   ! green
!!stjerm.color3: #BBAD5B   ! yellow
!!stjerm.color4: #2B76C7   ! blue
!!stjerm.color5: #8B56A3   ! purple
!!stjerm.color6: #5BCEE4   ! cyan
!!stjerm.color7: #D4D7D0   ! white
!!stjerm.color8: #525952   ! black - bold
!!stjerm.color9: #A44245   ! red
!!stjerm.color10: #37A42B  ! green
!!stjerm.color11: #C4C29B  ! yellow
!!stjerm.color12: #2B76C7  ! blue
!!stjerm.color13: #8B56A3  ! purple
!!stjerm.color14: #71AAB3  ! cyan
!!stjerm.color15: #EAEAEA  ! white
!!stjerm.color16: #2e3436  ! needed because of bug

For command line arguments, it works best to put them in a .desktop file so that it appears in the menu. Then it is easy to start through there or through autostart options. A sample stjerm.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Stjerm Terminal
Exec=stjerm -ah false -p topright -s right -tf false -w 501 -h 300 -ab true -b thin -fg AEAEAE -c0 181C20 -c1 A44245 -c2 00BF00 -c3 C8C87A -c4 2B76C7 -c5 8B56A3 -c6 5BCEE4 -c7 D4D7D0 -c8 525952 -c9 A44245 -c10 37A42B -c11 CFCF91 -c12 2B76C7 -c13 8B56A3 -c14 71AAB3 -c15 EAEAEA -c16 2e3436

Put the stjerm.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ to have it show up in the menu. To have Stjerm load when you login, link it to ~/.config/autostart/ (should work with most desktop environments):

ln -s ~/.local/share/applications/stjerm.desktop ~/.config/autostart/


I discovered that stjerm autohide function found me pressing the shortcut key often to unhide it, so I set -ah false so that the terminal stays on top. You can define your own terminal colors too. I tend to use slightly faded out colors to be easy on the eyes. The colors for reference:


  • new tab: ctrl-shift t
  • close tab: ctrl-shift w
  • next tab: ctrl-shift pageup
  • previous tab: ctrl-shift pagedown
  • exit: ctrl-shift q

A few more details about stjerm can be found in the man page.

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  1. dirkrgently

    lol, omploader messed with my screenshot. ignore that. fixed now.

  2. There are lots of quake-like terminals around – yakuake, tilda …

  3. Thanks for the profile. Makes things a lot easier for a first time user like myself. I was trying to use Guake under Xfce w/Compiz Fusion, but it didn’t seem to load.

    SJTerm works great, but I’m curious, is there no keyboard copy/paste function?

    Have you had any trouble with focus issues? It seems that just activating the terminal doesn’t always act as it should. Am I the only one having this trouble? I’m using v0.11.


  4. No stjerm doesn’t have Command-Shift-V pasting but pasting can be done with the mouse right click. I haven’t updated this post is quite awhile – a bit of news

    Stjerm hasn’t been updated for quite a bit and may have been abandoned by the author (hope not) great program. That said it’s still the best terminal I’ve found that can be toggled like the quake console.

    I’ve played more with the .Xdefault settings and have updated it. Also some stjerm options can only be run as terminal arguments – I’ve updated the command line settings.

    Thanks for reading LHT.

  5. nice tut ! great app, now only if there was some way to change the shortcuts to create/close/alternate tabs it would be perfect !

  6. I replaced Tilda with Stjerm and then Stjerm with Yeahconsole. But sure, it’s a good app.

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