Epiphany – New Smartbookmarks

I talked before about “Smart Bookmarks”, “Smart Bookmarks” are custom searches that can be queried directly from the Epiphany location bar. I found that there are a few bookmarks that aren’t listed on the Galeon site and I submitted them. Since Galeon is no longer developed, I’m not sure they’ll be added, so here they are.

Creative Commons Search

Thesaurus.com Search

Gentoo Bug Search

Chris Peschke has a good package.gentoo.org alternate (with a Search function!) :)
pEbuilds Portage Search

Epiphany - New Smartbookmarks

I updated the Epiphany post I made, adding how to change the default search engine and a couple other tidbits. Also I updated the stjerm post to reflect keyboard shortcuts and how to turn off auto-hiding.

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