Ebuild 2 Overlay

As I like to try out new programs all the time, a process that got dull repeating was getting an ebuild and then putting in it my local overlay. Doesn’t sound like alot? Well, first there is seeing if the category exists, creating that category, moving the ebuild, keywording the ebuild, and then creating a Manifest.

Well, this just got tedious so I realized I was doing this enough times to justify making a small script that automates the details.


# Fixes required:
# Directory check for category can fail for incomplete phrease - "app-edi"
# Catagory Match

#CATEGORYMATCH=$(ls ~/.portage/ = $1)

if [[ -z "$PACKAGE" ]]; then
    echo "ebuild-overlay <category> <package>"

cd ~/.portage-local/

if ls | grep "$1" > /dev/null; then
    echo "Category directory already created."; else
    mkdir $1

cd ~/.portage-local/$1/
mkdir $2

cd ~/.portage-local/$1/$2/
mv ~/Desktop/$2* .
ekeyword ~ppc $2*
sudo ebuild $2* digest

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