Gnome Color Chooser applicability chart

Gnome Color Chooser - Color ChartI wrote about configuring the Gnome Color Chooser last week and got my fixing eyes and fingers more into it. The degree to how customizable the Gnome desktop is really incredible if not a bit overbearing. So, I’ve made a reference chart too help me in the future to quicken the process.

For customizing, I use freakcode’s Si Pack here – customizations may vary depending on the theme used.


Matched Colors

To carry the theme, these are the colors I matched.

In the Normal section:

I matched the hover fg to Entry hover fg.

In the Entry Fields section:

I matched selected bg to Normal selected fg, selected fg and alt.
selected fg to Normal hover bg.

The alt selected bg matches Normal hover fg.

And the disabled bg also matches the Normal disabled bg.


I’m testing vimpress to write and publish this post. I’ve been studying
this week on vim and this is all very very interesting.

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